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Your source of high quality nutritional products since 1995.  People everywhere are looking for cures or treatments of their conditions, diseases or symptoms and most want to live more energetic, vibrant, healthier, longer lives.  Help your body and mind be their best with a Natural Connections nutritional program of modern non-prescription vitamin, mineral, herb and enzyme formulations including unique patented ingredients and proprietary combinations.   Designed with your needs in mind, examples include: longevity, maximum mental functioning, decreased risk of heart disease and cancer risk, weight loss,  prostate conditions, cancer, joints problems and much more. Please bookmark this site so that you can easily return and take advantage or our new online computer data search and reference capabilities, detailed product information and pictures, links and featured American and international health and medical news. We are physician directed and blend ancient knowledge with modern science based on clinical studies and laboratory research. Practicing physicians have seen first hand what a fantastic difference Natural Connections comprehensive health promoting nutritional Vitamins can make and we invite you to discover for yourself just how well our safe, scientifically advanced formulas can enhance your health. Natural Connections supplements and Vitamins, powerful nutritional insurance for the whole family! Explore what our products can do for you.

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Feature Article Click Here-"Arthritis" by Richard E. Buckley, MD

NCI uses the freshest, quality assured and tested all-natural nutrients and herbal extracts available.    These are blended to exacting specifications using cold-processing technology to maximize natural potency. Highest quality manufacturing, testing and ingredient standardization. Dependable, professional quality. Our final checkout page is secured and absolutely safe for credit card orders (American Express even Guarantees Safety with Internet Credit Card Purchases)

You can make a difference; a better, healthier life for yourself and others. Natural Connections, Inc. (NCI) products are designed to be of great value to you. Our practicing physicians have seen first hand what a fantastic difference our comprehensive health promoting nutritional formulas can make. Medical leaders in cultures around the world have been asked for their guidance in helping maintain and restore health. Joining the best of tried and true old world knowledge with new research and clinical studies, Natural Connections brings you the finest Vitamins available including unique patented ingredients and exclusive, proprietary combinations of herbs and nutrients . Physicians, biochemists and other scientists have designed these synergistic blends from years of research and development.

Nutritional Formulas, supplements, Vitamins, Herbs, Minerals and Enzymes by Natural Connections, Inc. are made using only the freshest, quality assured and tested all-natural nutrients and herbal extracts. These are balanced and blended to exacting specifications using the expensive and preferred cold-processing technology to maximize natural potency. The Chemical Analysis Lab uses pH and USP dissolution testing to ensure optimum bioavailability and liquid chromatography or emission spectrometry to verify potency. The Physical Analysis Lab verifies batch to batch consistency of each formulation and the Microbiology Lab makes certain that products meet or exceed USP XXIII requirements. The manufacturing facilities are regularly inspected by the FDA and meet or exceed all U.S. manufacturing standards for the industry. We want you to know that we attend to every detail thus bringing you superior products. For your health, we are confident that you want and deserve only the very best.

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